Equestrian Science

Equine Science Program

MU Student Boarding Barn

Boarding at the MU Student Boarding Barn (SBB) is limited to students, faculty and staff. This 24 stall facility was built in the 1970’s with a goal of providing affordable stabling for those affiliated with the University of Missouri. We are located close to campus, with nearly 800 acres of CAFNR’s Southfarm available for trail riding along farm roads. The facility provides tack and feed storage areas, trailer parking, outdoor riding arena (equipped with lights), dry-lot turnout pens for 12 hrs at a time, 12’x12’ stall, bedding, hay, and twice daily feeding of hay (unless you elect to feed it yourself).

The SBB is a self-care facility, meaning that boarders play a major role in the daily care of their horses. Boarders are responsibly for daily stall cleaning, watering, turnout, and feeding of grain (provided by boarder). There is no on-site barn manager and there is no funding provided from the University of Missouri to operate this facility. As such, all income and expenses for the SBB are kept in an account separate from the Equine Teaching Facility, with rates adjusted as needed to cover all expenses incurred by the SBB while keeping the price affordable.

Boarding rates as of August 2014 are:

  • Students $150.00
  • Staff / Faculty $170.00
  • If you are providing your own hay will have $45.00 credit per month
  • If you are feeding 3 flakes of hay per feeding we will add $30.00 per month
  • Short term board (<30 days) will be $7.00 per day, with a minimum of $50 if you are not a regular, monthly boarder

Due to safety concerns, we do NOT accept:

  • Stallions or geldings castrated within the past 6 months
  • Horses under the age of 2 years (they usually don’t thrive well in a stall situation)
  • Pregnant mares during last trimester of gestation
  • Horses purchased at a public auction within 30 days

For more information contact Marci Crosby, 573-884-7836.